lunes, 4 de febrero de 2008

una obra de teatro de vampiros en la guerra

la época: 1916, Primera Guerra Mundial.
el lugar: Transilvania, cuando ésta pertenecía al Imperio Austro-Húngaro.

el 22 de febrero a las 23:15 estrenamos "transilvania y los fantasmas de la guerra".
teatro del abasto. humahuaca 3549.
viernes y sábados a las 23:15 hs.

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il ratino dijo...

que harias si fueras un personaje de historietas y te faltan monedas para el bondi?


imaginadores dijo...

holaa!! muy bueno el blog! soy daniela del documental Imaginadores. Gracias por visitarnos!!

Olalla Fernández dijo...

Muy guays los diseños, me encanta el cartel de Transilvania :)

Saluditos :)

dIEGO P. dijo...

Marcelo. Muy interesante tus espacios. Vi algunos comentarios tuyos en SUEÑOS A PILA y descubrí estos blogs tuyos. excelente.
Muchos saludos y seguiré pasando por aquí.

Mona dijo...

Wow your art is amazing! I saw you posted a comment on my blog about the video. Sure, it may be biased but anyways it is funny! I am glad about having more people visiting my blog but I am currently having trouble making new posts... I think maybe I can ask you about art as it is my main passion. I see you are an illustrator and looking through your blog I saw some photography as well. What are your techniques and what program have you studied in to reach where you are today?

marcelo pont dijo...

thnx, dear mona!
of course the vid is funny. i agree with the global situation of low culture of the actual empire. also i think it´s a common problem all around the world for believing so much time that the money (yeah, damn ol´ neoliberalism, not to mention any fundamentalism) is over every and single human priority, that culture and education became non priorities (or in most countries, simply an enemy to fear and destroy). my own country sadly is another example in the last decades and now is hardly triying to keep the head out.
´nuff said!
about my techniques are simply elemntary for these times: pencil, rapidograph or markers scanned and painted in photoshop or paint. or the old watercolor technique (i love it but take more time) scanned and retouched if necessary in photoshop and some other cs3 package.
well your wellcome to my blogs. sorry they aren´t bilinguals but... it´s where i live and think.

cima dijo...

...miré los dibujos y bocetos de este blog y literalmente casi me caigo de ojete!!

Impresionante lo tuyo.... y todavía me falta la historieta y los videos....

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